How To Play

How To Play

Purchase Your Tickets

Enter raffles for Air-pods, Mac-books all the way to High End Cars and Luxurious Holidays

Answer The Question

Answer the question in order to enter the raffle!

Weekly Winners

Once all tickets have been sold out, we will host a live story via socials where the winner will be picked


Once the timer on the competition is complete the draw will go ahead. A live streamed video to our host will appear within ‘ten minutes’ of the draw timing out. One random number will be picked out the random number machine. WE HAVE A WINNER.

you can purchase as many tickets as you would like in one single transaction and re-enter the draw a maximum of 5 times

if this is the case, the timer will be increased in order for all the tickets to sell. this will happen a maximum of 4 times. if then the competition is still not sold out, a cash alternative will be awarded and only the people who have entered will go into the draw